Beyond the green thumb: River Valley Medicinal Plant Walk with Robert Rogers

Edmonton is home to one of the largest stretches of urban parkland in North America. Each spring our river valley bursts with biodiversity, from commonly observed species like trembling aspen and spruce trees, to less-recognized living things like lichens and fungi. While it’s clear that all of these species have […] Read more »

Five active dates you can take yourself on in Edmonton this spring

Manda's first time shooting at Wild West Shooting Range.

Sometimes, people just don’t want to or can’t participate in the active hangout you want to have now that spring has arrived. Busy schedules can make it hard to arrange dates and activities with friends and family, and when the grass is green and the sun stays out til after […] Read more »

Jasper Avenue, Edmonton filled with delightful views, local businesses, future potential

      If you are like me and tend think of Jasper Avenue, Edmonton’s main street in the downtown core, as a busy street filled with skyscrapers, heavy traffic, and hurrying strangers, the above pictures may seem to bear little relationship to Jasper Avenue. However, all of these pictures […] Read more »